How it works

How Elrom's ELRStudio works

3D technology adds another dimension to the usual X and Y dimensions – the Z dimension.  The 3D movie lets the viewer enjoy spectacular scenes, action scenes or landscapes as if they were inside the shot.  Regular 2D subtitles can appear distorted or misplaced and ruin the audiences viewing experience.  You have to review each shot, every frame and place the subtitles in the proper X, Y, Z coordinates so that they are visible and easy to read but don't intrude on the image or storyline.

Elrom's ELRStudio software package lets you accomplish just that!  Our unique 3D subtitling solution lets you, film editor or producer, do so easily and accurately.

Using our innovative software, you can now take any 3D movie, add time codes, identify and mark shot and scene changes and then superimpose perfectly positioned subtitles or "hard of hearing captions" on a 3D or Stereoscopic movies.

A simple, yet sophisticated solution!  Once finished, your sub-master can then be transferred to any desired media – Blu-Ray, YouTube etc. – and still provide the audience with the perfect 3D experience.


3D Stereoscopic Video with embedded Subtitles